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I love your item …but I don’t think it’s in my budget?

Well if thats the case... scott and I have developed a barter system or a buy back system...If you would let us have some of your decor that was in your event ....we will cut the cost of the rental! We figure if you wanted it then others will too. We will just add it to our inventory... It's a win! win! for both parties!

What if I want something custom built?

If you have an idea and we are capable of building it and are given a reasonable amount of time then we would be glad to build it .... we feal if you wanted it then others will to. we will just add it to the inventory for Handmade Rentals.

What if the venue is not in jacksonville?

No problem, We would be glad to deliver for a small fee depending on the distance.

Not found the answer?

feel free to contact our customer service for free support