Our Policy for Rentals

  1. You are fully responsible for our decor once it’s in your care. If our items are not taken care of covered or taken out of bad weather you will be charged for replacement.
  2. Please provide a layout for items you have rented.
  3. Please have the area marked or cleared out for us to set up your rented items.
  4. Florida unfortunately, is known for wet afternoons Please have a Plan B ready when we arrive to set up.
  5. We will provide tarps if needed for unexpected weather.
  6. Please have someone cover our items until we can return to pick them up in bad weather.
  7. Once we set up backdrops, Arches, or our Bridal Entry Doors please DO NOT MOVE.
  8. We cannot return monies once paid, we ask for a percentage down to hold your date and items, but do NOT require you to pay the FULL invoice until 2 weeks before your event.
  9. Items can ALWAYS be ADDED for your date however; we cannot return monies paid. You are more than welcome to switch out a piece for equal value or more.